Skunkfunk Spring 2014 Dress

Renata Dionello

Senior Director, eBay Marketplaces

Originally from Brazil, one of the world's most conscious countries, Renata moved to the UK when she was a teenager and started to appreciate fashion. Now a director at eBay Marketplaces, she can frequently be seen browsing her favorite app Houzz and playing with her three children.

What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Take more risks. I've tended to make the safe choices and now that I'm older, I realize when you're younger you can take risks and achieve a lot of interesting things.

How do you maintain your style in a culture defined by the hoodie?

I don't tend to worry too much about other people's style, I just pick things I like that look good on my figure. However, I think there is something to be learned from looking beyond Silicon Valley to the styles in Europe and L.A.

How would you describe your signature style?

I guess I would say elegant, but trying to be trendy. Hm I should think about getting a signature style, that's an interesting idea!

What is your way of being conscious and caring about the environment?

I have kids and one way is by teaching them about the planet and what part they can play, so everything from explaining global warming to recycling, turning off lights, and energy consumption.