Karen Ries and Natalie Berry

Karen Ries

Founder, Hana Organics Skincare

Having tackled skin problems for years, Hana Organic Skincare founder Karen Ries decided to use her skills as a certified herbalist and create a line not only she herself could use, but was gentle enough for all. With the help of Natalie Berry, Hana Organic Skincare is the result and both of them have succeeded in creating skincare suitable for everyone.

What inspired you to start making skincare products?

I have always had sensitive, trouble-prone skin: adult acne in my 20's, then eczema whenever I tried a new product. A few years ago I was working towards my herbalist certification, and one of the course requirements was to make our own skincare products. These products had no harmful chemicals or preservatives. The minute I started using them, the eczema disappeared. I've been a true believer ever since :)

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as female entrepreneurs?

Nothing too specific as a female, but a lot of the regular aches and pains of a start-up.

If there was a fire, which Hana product would you take with you?

That's a tough one! I'd say the Luxe Serum.

What kind of woman do you manufacture Hana for? What are the qualities you think she embodies?

Many of the women who purchase our products are environmentally and socially conscious, and are aware of what they put on their skin. Others are learning about the organic lifestyle and are in search of products that are less harsh and kinder to their skin. Our aim is to handcraft skincare products that work for every woman.