Jessica Faulkner

Founder, Jessica Faulkner

A former competitive snowboarder, this Southern California native designs clothes for the every day woman on the go (just ask our SV execs who wore her for their shoot). She gathers inspiration for her designs from travel, with her most recent Spring collection evoking the spirit of Yemen.

What inspired you to start designing women's apparel?

I have always loved clothing and dressing up. Although, what inspired me most to start designing women’s apparel is the process of creating something tangible from concept to completion.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a female entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge is balancing creativity with business savvy. Sometimes it can be difficult to disconnect emotionally from a design, especially if it was cut from the line.

Why did you decide to manufacture your designs in the USA? How important is "keeping it local" to you?

In traveling, I have seen some of the conditions that workers have been exposed to in the workplace and want to make sure that I am not participating in the exploitation of those hard working individuals. I believe that the United States, and Los Angeles, in particular, have a strong manufacturing sector that is just not used enough. We have skilled workers here that can share in the dream of the company and the idea of breathing life in to fashion. I would rather be a part of the solution that part of the problem.

If there was a fire, which one of your creations would you take with you?

My favorite piece is the Lauren Jacket. You can wear it to work or throw it on over your favorite pair of jeans. It goes with everything.