Debbie Leavitt

Founder, Sheswai Lacquer

A hippie at heart, Debbie started and has maintained her career as one of the country's top manicurists, counting clients like Drew Barrymore to her name. That wasn't enough though, and Debbie took her passion for nails one step further by starting Sheswai, a nail polish brand changing the game.

What inspired you to start making your own nail polish?

After being a nail stylist for many years I was inspired to create a line of nail polish that reflected my sense of style…Modern glamour with a rootsy feel.

Why did you decide to make the handles wood? How important is "keeping it local" to you?

I’ve always loved the earthy texture of wood, but the vision of a wood cap literally came to me in a dream…and I thought ‘why not’? I attempted to keep everything ‘Cali-made’ like me, but realized to make the wood cap a reality I would have to go to the east coast. But Sheswai is 100% lovingly made in the USA.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a female entrepreneur?

I think the biggest challenge I experienced may have been in the beginning when dealing some very arrogant men and not being taken seriously. I learned quickly to know the facts of the matter and to speak clearly with conviction. Knowledge and confidence earns respect every time.

If there was a fire, which one of your nail polish colors would you take with you?

Hahaha…my lovely lacquers certainly wouldn’t be my priority, But…if I was able to grab a color while holding my precious dog Mick I might take ‘hot damn’…or honeyfox…wait, magic?!?