Christy Booth

Founder, Pura Botanica

A passionate world traveler, Christy applies her inspiration into every Pura Botanica product, whether it be minerals from the Dead Sea or the charm of Chai Wallahs.

What inspired you to start Pura Botanica?

Researching for natural remedies to help my oldest son in his earlier years with insomnia introduced me to aromatherapy. Through my travels around the globe, I was introduced to natural ingredients and essential oils that led to the birth of Pura Botanica.

How important is it that the products be organic or natural?

Pura Botanica’s use of organic and natural products is paramount. We are committed to a healthy, natural lifestyle.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a female entrepreneur?

Balancing the everyday demands of business and family. Being an entrepreneur, it begins and ends with yourself and your own capabilities. Not second guessing yourself is the most challenging.

If there was a fire, which Pura product would you take with you?

Jewelry case and Lend a Hand crème. I always keep the hand crème with my jewelry.