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Anna Santeramo

Founder/CEO, StyleBee

After hanging up her suit as a corporate lawyer, Anna decided to tackle e-commerce and establish StyleBee as the go-to for on demand hair and makeup styling.

How has your legal and finance background helped you with running a tech startup?

The most helpful skill set I acquired was when I was an investment banker and experiencing the velocity at which things needed to be done. It's helpful because when you're building a company, execution and speed are very important because chances are three other companies are doing the same thing you are.

What is your way of being conscious and caring about environment?

I tend to buy milk in glass bottles and I always return the bottles versus buying the paper carton. I find Americans waste a lot of water, electricity, etc. and I try to be very mindful about turning off lights, and only putting on the heater for limited times.

What been your biggest fashion faux pas?

I'm Italian and Italians are obsessed with the concept of being fashionable. When I was a kid I was pretty anti-conformist and came back from vacation in England with these big, black sandals and everybody looked at me like I was crazy. Funny thing was a year later they became the most fashionable thing to wear!

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Forget about big names and brand recognition. What really matters is the the skill set you achieve. Be great at something you really understand and know how to execute it.