Dress by David Peck

Aarthi Ramamurthy

Founder/CEO, Lumoid

Trained as an engineer, Aarthi discovered her entrepreneurial spirit upon moving to the U.S. from India. After stints at Microsoft and Netflix, the YC-alum is making photography rental easy at Lumoid with her no frills attitude.

What attribute you value the most?

Persistence. As Kung Fu Panda eloquently puts it - there is no secret ingredient.

Your advice to women who want to learn to code?

Don't be afraid to ask for help - there are plenty of online resources, and people willing to help. Work on scratching an itch with code, and you'll find your way.

At what point in your career did you ramp up your style?

Honestly, about 2 years ago - I started paying attention to what was 'in' and what would work for my body. I dislike going to the mall, and so I asked my fashionista friends to pick outfits for me. Now, I'd like to think that I have a pretty good sense of style, that's also super comfortable.

What is your way of being conscious and caring about environment?

I grew up in India, where my parents saved every penny possible. One of the side effects of that, is that you learn to do things that are environment-friendly like using public transportation, reusing plastic bags, etc. I do little things, like use eco-friendly soaps and detergents, recycling electronics the right way and buying locally sourced products.