Giving Green - Women'S 3-Pack

  • • Women's Green Low Cut Sock Collection - Socks Included: The Carmen: Named for our friend Carmen. We met Carmen not long ago during another one of our work days. She has joined our team with excitement and tenacity. She is bright, beautiful and fun all around. Carmen knows the value of keeping a smile and lives her life to the fullest. This style is for Carmen. The Riley: Named for our friend Riley, probably one of the coolest kids we will ever have a chance to meet. Riley had more talent that we thought possible for one kid and we were honored to have been an active audience. Riley is proof that your circumstances can not define you and there is always reason to dance. This style is for Riley. The Janis: Named for our friend Janis. We met Janis during one of our many giving trips and were awestruck with her passion for life. She is bright, beautiful and determined to stay positive through thick and thin. Janis isn't just, "glass half full" she is, "Glass overflowing". This style is for Janis. These are great socks for daily wear or mid-mileage runs. They are simple and classic sock that work. We design our socks to last on the feet of those living on the street, so they can keep going as long as you can.   Features : + temper-padded sole + combed cotton + hi-visibility green fiber + elastic arch support + low-profile seam + deep heel pocket + signature logo

Why You'll Love it Forever

  • • 100% Made in the USA
  • • Employ homeless individuals to package every pair
  • • For every pair sold, one pair is given to someone in need