St. Paul, MN

Bogobrush is the modern day toothbrush that gives back. Created by Heather and John McDougall, siblings from the Midwest with a dentist dad, the Bogobrush is beautifully designed, ecologically sound, and socially-minded. The McDougalls got rid of useless grips and over-styled gimmicks to make a brush that will get the job done.

The compostable Bogobrush handles are made from a bio-composite material with flax particles. After pulling out the nylon bristles, you can toss it in your backyard when you're done using it, returning it to the earth!

The McDougall siblings aim to bring environmental and social awareness into people's daily routines. For every toothbrush sold, Bogobrush will donate another brush to one of the 80 million individuals that lack access to dental care in the USA. We believe that's something to smile about.